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The QuickQuote extension for Mozilla Thunderbird Mail is written to speed up, simplify, and overall enhance quoting and citing specific phrases from mail or news messages. Simply select the text you want to quote and use the context (right-click) menu to:


Quickquote is highly customizable, with the intent that you (the user) should pick how text is quoted. Journey over to the QuickQuote Options window (Tools -> Extensions, right click QuickQuote -> Options) to see what you can do. There are also special key words you can include in the Before and After Quote options that will change into the sender's name, the date, etc. Here are all of the keywords you can use (e-mail suggestions for others to the mailing list):

"Quote in Compose"

This function works similarly to copy and paste. Just select the desired text to be quoted in a message currently being composed; use the context menu or press Ctrl+3. Then go to the message where you want to quote the phrase, put the cursor in the desired position and press Ctrl+3, the middle mouse button, or use the context menu again.

QuickQuote vs. EasyQuote?

QuickQuote is an extension for Thunderbird originally developed by Daniel Steinbrook in May 2005, providing an extremely simple way to select some text and have it copied into a new message or reply. EasyQuote is a similar extension developed by Matteo Federico Zazzetta in August 2005, serving a similar purpose but providing a much more complex service, giving the user many options to preserve formatting, reply to a newsgroup, etc. Seeing as there was no reason that two such extensions should have to coexist, Daniel & Matteo decided to team up -- from opposite sides of the globe -- and create the QuickQuote MozDev project, which is what you see here. The QuickQuote releases on this site will use code from both QuickQuote and EasyQuote, thus merging the two extensions into one.


If your language isn't supported by the latest version of QuickQuote, we'd love a new translation of the project. If you can translate these few lines of text, please mail it to the mailing list and we'll try to include it.

dsteinbrook, 2007